Monday, March 16, 2009

Best amatuer chinese girls dancing

sexy chinese amateur in her pink bra and panties showing off her big breasts. her dancing is so so but did i mention she has some big breasts.. enjoy :)

really cute chinese girl in black mini. but i love the way this girl moves. 5 / 5 :)

this chinese girl is very beautiful. She really knows how to sway those slim hips and shows off her white alabaster skin in a white mini.

Cute little chinese girl on webcam. Does her little speech at the beginning but worth wading through as she does her little strip dance down to a white micro mini and white bra. Really like how this girl moves.

asian teen showing off her tight young body in short shorts

sexy chinese girl practising her dance moves in her silver mini

high energy chinese girl dancing

very sultry sexy chinese girl seducing and dancing in her red bra and panties. no sounds. but still worth the watch :)

these are vids I like but if thats still not enough you can find the entire collection at DancerChin's Channel on youtube. He has a massive collection of 190 amateur chinese girls dancing.

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